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composting and other sustainable solutions that benefit our planet

Easy as (Recycled) Pie

Meat, vegetables, dairy, coffee, bones, shells, you name it. All food scraps are welcome in our bins. Your scraps are recycled to sequester greenhouse gasses, and create renewable energy to power our communities. Best yet, you’ll receive free finished compost in the spring to nourish your plants and garden. All for as low as $8.99/month
Let’s put your food to work

The alternative? When your food waste is mixed with trash, it’s trucked to landfills and incinerators where it discharges toxic greenhouse gasses.
 Let’s trash the alternative

Proudly Serving New England

Curbside Composting

From the Merrimack Valley to Boston and many more communities on the horizon, MONA’s got you covered New England 
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Composting bin with dog