Fighting Hunger

’Twas the season of fab giving

Last holiday season, MONA transitioned focus from scraps to meals, helping feed families who needed a little extra cheer. You filled-a-bag (a.k.a. #FAB) of food, we took care of the logistics, collection and delivery to local pantries…for free.
This food drive was our gift to you, and those who needed it most

How it works

Step 1

Fill-out our fab form

Step 2

We email you collection details

Step 3

We collect your fab bag (contact free) and donate it to those in need

food drive bag

#FABchallenge Results

Thanks to our #FAB donors, MONA delivered thousands of pounds of food to those in need across New England

what's next?

Food drive car

FAB 2.0

Preregister with the FAB Form to help relaunch FAB 

The holiday season is behind us, but unfortunately hunger rages on. We are actively designing solutions to save food from being wasted and diverting it to hungry families in need. At this time we need donors…and lots of them. Please consider preregistering to fill-a-bag food drive using the FAB Form (below), and we’ll contact you when we’re able to launch FAB 2.0 


FAB Form

Interested in filling-a-bag? Fill out the form below!

feeding those in need…made easy and contact free